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Its been 2 years since my last Blog post and a lot has happened...
On the 2008 Corvette: Thanks to a puddle a little deeper than I thought, I hydrolocked the factory LS3 motor. Luckily, I was covered by my insurance company. I had a Texas Speed & Marine 418 stroker short block, large cam, long tube headers, 3600 stall converter and a line loc installed. The Corvette now runs 10.9 on oversized drag radials. It goes back to the shop soon for a cage, tune and new correct sized drag radials. Should run 10.2-10.4 once done.

I finished the interior on the 1986 Monte Carlo and 1986 Corvette. Shortly after finishing the Corvette, I sold it.

I picked up a 1987 Porsche 944 on a whim...had it for 8 months, donating it soon to Make A Wish. I will stick to American cars going forward.

I just bought a 2007 GMC Yukon XL SLT (need to take pictures and get them up here). This is now my DD, as my Corvette is becoming more of my race car.

The Monte Carlo will be getting paint work done soon. Then, back to change around the interior a little. End of this year I may be swapping to an LSx motor.

This Fall, I hope to register for auto mechanic classes and become a Master Tech in a year.

Well...that is all for now...