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Ok, since I can't seem to get my video to show up in the video section, I thought i'd go this route. You know how the sayin goes "There's more than one way to skin a cat" :D Ok, it's nothing fancy just some pics of the old and new Dragonbird in the vid that my hubby Mike put together :) At 1st there's no sound, but after a few seconds Dragonbird's song will start to play Oh, and for some reason youtube added another minute to the vid and Mike had made it where the music fades at the end of the video, but once it got uploaded to youtube, it just stops instead of fading. Other than that, not a bad tribute vid Oh, and you will get to hear Dragonbird sing a little :) just go to youtube and type in 01dragonchick in the search bar. The 2 videos on top are both mine. One is titled "Baddest Chevy Cobalt at the Bristol Street Fights" and of course the other is titled "Dragonbird!!!" Actually whoever reads this, if you have time, check out the vid of the Chevy Cobalt. I bet it'll put a smile on your face :D