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well i'm a couple of weeks late on bloging about this, but i haven't really had alot of time. but anyways i went to the bristol dragstrip on the 3rd of july to try and see if i could meet my goal of getting my car in the high 13's. well at first it seemed that that night was gonna be the night. it was still daylight when i took it down the 1st time, i run a 14.2. i was pretty excited about that run, then i waited for a bit and took it down again (it was still daylight just a little after 7pm) i got a 14.2 again. i was really excited, i've usually been running a 14.5 in the daylight so i just knew my chances of getting in the high 13's was really good. so it got dark, i got in line, get to the tree, last yellow light i gun it too hard have some traction trouble that causes the traction control to almost kill my engine, so i don't get a good time a 14.6 as a matter of fact OUCH!!!!! so i'm not happy with myself at all. so i get back in line, my last run for the night, so now i'm settin at the tree, last yellow light i don't gun it as hard and i'm pretty satisfied with the take off. i get my time slip and to my surprise another 14.6! now i know there is nothing wrong with the car cause it's still running great. but i'm not giving up on my goal. i'll just blame it on driver error, i goofed up somewhere.