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I first saw this car about 5 years ago. Of course being a Mopar man, I had to inquire about it. The guy that owned it said that it was not for sale. "I'm gonna fix it up some day".
Well, that wasn't the answer I wanted to hear!

It sat in the back yard of the house directly behind mine for a couple of years, grass & weeds growing up around it. I talked to the guy about it several times, but being nice, I never got too pushy.

One day I was out just walkin around in the back yard, drinkin a beer, mindin my own busness, when he came across the alley to my back fence. I went over and started talking to him, when behold, he asked the magic question! "Are you still interested in buying my Charger?" I'm getting a divorce and I don't want my wife to get it, she hates that car.
I couldn't say YES fast enough. Well, we made the deal, and what a deal it was. After I paid him for the car, he said that it didn't run anymore, and that he didn't know what was wrong with it. I told him that I didn't care.

Well me and my brother-in-law went over, trampled down the 5 ft weeds that had grown up around it, and pulled it across the alley to my yard. I went out about a week later to check it out and see why it wouldn't run. Ah, there's the problem!!
I went to Wal Mart and got a new battery, then stopped by the local Bumper To Bumper and picked up a new fuel pump and fuel line, spark plugs, and plug wires, then headed for the house.

After about an hour of working on the car, changing the fuel pump and tuning it up, I climbed inside. I inserted the key into the ignition, I have buzzing and a dome light, THIS IS GOOD! With my right foot, I vigorously pumped the accelerator, I crossed my fingers and turned the key. The engine turned over about four times, then fired up like it had only been setting overnight! DAMN, I WAS A HAPPY MAN!

Since that day I have been driving it on a regular basis, As Much As Possible!

And that is the story on how the "Large Charge" came to be.