Filed under: 2001 Saturn SC2 (6th Rock)

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I last left with the ideas of my sun-roof sparkling system to flash little shimmers of light upwards out of my non-working sunroof... Thats been scrapped as I'm going to be adding a roof-scoop and LCD-screen in it's place...

Here is a list of the changes I've gotten done...

- Customized my door panels, they are now black with purple inserts

- Mounted my tweeters for the component set in the mirror-panel

-Hid the Pheonix Gold 6.5 components and cross-overs in the doors

-I've got 2 6.5" alpine Type-R components in my rear-deck

-a custom-console fiberglassed, waiting to be finished with the stock console.

-I've added a little bit of bass to my car via 2 12" RF-P2 subwoofers and a 760w (RMS) amplifier...

-I've got my 2 hood-vents functional

-re-ran all the stock speaker-wire with 14ga aftermarket speaker wire...

It's just me, my brother in law and a good friend Paco who's working on this, and my budget is the primary dictation in this project. Things are coming along at a steady pace. I'll have some pictures to show shortly of the work we've gotten done thus far.

Really want to emphisise how much this site is a form of creative drive for me, I see certain things on cars, or see some of these cars 'shock factor' and say to myself, wow... No matter how much money, time, or people you have working on a car, it really takes the love of the art to create something truly amazing.