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??Analysis on the importance of the sunroof maintenance
??Discount car electronics?Car maintenance which has a total project is the roof maintenance, but there are many drivers do not pay attention to the roof maintenance, resulting in reduced skylight life. As a result, reduce the life of a car, so the car sunroof maintenance for automobile or important.
??Now, many owners care whether with " skylight " car, car manufacturers, will go to the roof. But with a skylight, you had to learn very quickly how to maintenance skylight. If the poor maintenance, skylight once initiated " temper ", enjoy the infinite trouble you will become. To listen to advice. automotive electronics suppliers.
??Can use the fine talc regular maintenance, can prolong the service life of the sealing ring, the roof moving part by low maintenance materials, should be regularly oil or lubricants, cleaning machinery, cleaning is recommended every two months once.
??The roof using a long time, in the slide slot, generally have a lot of sand deposition, if not cleaned regularly, it will wear roof components. Should always clean up slide around, avoid sand deposition, prolong the service life of the skylight sealing ring. In general use for 2 to 3 months, the sealant or slide dipped in cleaning water cleaning with gauze, to be wiped clean after smearing a little oil or butter on it.
??Open the sunroof front should pay attention to whether there are obstacles hindering the roof glass panel operation. Design of roof panel septate heat and the anti-ultraviolet function, use a soft cloth and cleaning agent cleaning, do not use adhesive cleaning agent.
??The use of skylights biggest concerns is the leakage, water leakage, the proper use and maintenance of the skylight can effectively avoid the water leakage. In the rainy season, in addition to clean up slide, seal the gap in the dust, but also spray a little plastic protective agent or talcum powder in the seal parts.
??Winter in the snow or washing, the skylight glass and sealing box may be frozen, if forced open the skylight, the skylight motor and the rubber sealing strip damaged. The right way is, in the snow or washing, the sunroof open, dry edge residual moisture.
??In the very bumpy roads are best not fully open the sunroof, otherwise it may cause related parts deformation even make damage to the motor due to vibration between roof and slide too big. In addition, washing vehicles, rain or no open sunroof.
??The owner friends, skylight importance, you have noticed. The driver should pay special attention to the roof maintenance. Let your car looks more " youth ".
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