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I got ahead of myself on my last blog. I got all the parts put together and put in the car. That is the project I completed. Now, I am having problems bleeding the brakes. I got the front brakes bleed just fine but there is no fluid going to the back end. I have checked every thing. I got fluid from he master, fluid going to the proportioning valve. I also took the line off the caliper and put a air hose on it. I got air going threw the line. The dealer said I need a pressure bleeder. So my friend is coming out today and going to help me. I hope this works.

I do have a back up plain. If this don't work, I am going to have to suck up my pride and take it to a shop. OOOO I really hope this works. I think she is testing me. She wants to push my buttons and see how far I will go to fix her. (sounds like a female)