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Just a list of some stuff i'm planning to put on my car. Let me know what u think & if u have any suggestions as to what brands might be best.
I've already decided whats coming next:
AIT Racing Xtreme Front Bumper & Combat Rear Bumper
Black Halo Projector Headlights with the blue lights

Really good cold air intake (want to add about 20hp or more)
Steel or Chrome Header
Maybe a High Performance Fan & Water Pump
Electric Supercharger

Let me know what brands u think may be best!!!!

Hood Scoop
Fenders (I'm thinkin F-1 style)
Vertical Doors
New paint job with white & blue lightning airbrushed down sides (considering Ice Cold Customs to do the job)

re-paint blue accent pieces
new sound system
led lights (7 color changing liteglow like my undercar kit) for under dash, hood, & trunk
stronger trunk struts- so my trunk will actually stay open with that heavy spoiler

There's probably more I just can't think of it now...