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"religious zealots like to feel like they are surrounded by other zealots.Quit telling me what you "believe" and start telling me only things that you "know". Religion is based on fear, I'm all shook up, now leave me out of it. Have a blessed day."
This was from a comment on the blog "What you Watch"
and this is my answer.

What keeps you safe at knight?

The military? Yes if you are talking about keeping our enemy away from our shores
The police? Yes if they are close at hand or if you have time to call and wait for a response.
Your friends? Yes sometimes there is safety in numbers.

The National Guard? Yes they help protect us from disaster and some times from each other such as riots.
The Coast guard? Yes when we have a distress at sea, Or in a flood.

I could keep going on and on but who protects you when you are all alone in a dark alley and there is only one other person around and he’s standing in a shadow with a weapon in his hand? What do you do? Who do you call on?
You pray and you call on god.

What do you pray? I pray that the other person in the alley is righteous and I call on god in case he’s not.
Why? If he’s righteous and knows the word of god he's probably there to help protect me from the un seen,
If he’s non religious and doesn’t believe in god and intends to rob me then more than likely I am going to be killed because he's fearful that i can identify him later so I call on god to take my soul.
The only thing that protects us in this situation is religion. Without religion then its animalistic survival of the fittest or who has the biggest weapon or who is the strongest.
In a non religious world you end up with kayos greed fear and murder.
Mans law alone will not work. It only works if other men are around but on a one on one in a dark alley if no one sees its like a tree falling in the forest no law was broken.

What keeps you safe at knight?
Your religion and belief in your fellow man.

I know my god and i fear nothing for I will live forever no matter what you say or do to my body you will never harm my heavenly soul. My bodily death will be a blessed day I will be born again in heaven
I'm glad I'm religious or I would just kill all the non believers and it wouldn't bother me at all
Every time the non believers have gotten control in history they have tried to kill the righteous and religion and why? They fear them they don't understand religion therefore they fear it.
So who's afraid?
The non belivers are at work in this country now.