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Lately Babe has been having a sluggish problem starting and my mechanic found that some sort of injector that puts fuel into carburetor is bad. He tried to find a kit for that part, but nothing fits. So he has the word out for a rebuilt carburetor or even get a new one made by a vintage restorer.

If anybody knows where we can go to find a carburetor, please let me know.
Just e-mail me at, since I don't spend much time in here anymore after getting hit by two viruses when I was in this site. I'm afraid to take the chance.

I want to be able to keep Babe running. He has a lead on a couple of restored ones that have to be shipped from out of town, but the guy was out until Monday. He seemed optimistic that we'll find something somewhere. He has a '55 Chevy that he restored a few years ago.
He just told me not to drive Babe much except for emergencies for a few days until he gets new one put in, because she might stall out on me.
Thanks everyone, I appreciate how much all of you think of Babe and all the kind remarks.