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Today was a bad day. One of those things that you only see in commercials happened and it felt like it I was in a movie. This is not as bad as the firetruck that parked on that guys car, but for me, it was bad.

My wife and I got a new A/C for our apartment. (yall know were this is going) I was putting it in and was having some problems so I asked the nabor for help. I had him hold the A/C so I could slide the peaces in. Well, he dropped it. It bounced off the overhang under the window and into the side of my car.

The damage was miner-ish. The cord wiped the ruff and knocked two spots off paint off, there is a good size scratch in the door were the corner of the A/C hit it, and a dent. The dent is right were the black molding is and under the molding it made a crease. Will take some work to fix all this but it could have been worse. Nobody got hurt and it didn't drop threw the window.

Part two of the bad day, when I got home there was a dent in the driver side door. (opposite side as were the A/C hit) But it was not bad but it took it down to bare metal.

Yes, my car was having a bad day yesterday and I didnt even drive her. Think about how bad it would have been if I was on the road. Ya, it was one of those days that she knew she should not leave bed. So, I let her sleep.