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What is a man to do? There is a foot of snow on the ground, the roads are salted and clear. Still, I can't take Big Red for a ride.The salt will slime its way into the cracks and crannies and make the dreaded RUST appear.

So, what is a man to do? I sit on-line, looking at pics of cars, like I also do in the summer. I enter contests to win a new radio for Big Red. She would like that. I keep my website, Mike's Show-N-Shine, going as best I can with no shows to attend and no new pics to post. I write to advertisers and ask them to advertise on my website. Some respond, that is good.

Then I finally go out to the cold garage and pull back a corner of the car cover that keeps the mouse droppings off Big Red's back. I stand there and look at the beautiful poppy red paint, the shiny chrome bumpers and softly to her. She is sad. She wants to go out and take in a car show. Enough of the snow and ice, salt and slush, dark skies and dreary evenings. She wants the bright lights, sunny days, colorful car friends, the smell of burning rubber, the roar of the crowds, the flash of the cameras!!! SHE WANTS SUMMER!!!!

Oh, those long nights and short days to end. And, that first morning after that cleansing rain has stopped and the sun comes from behind the clouds, Big Red will be ready to go. The trees will be bursting with new growth, a new promise of a wonderful summer. Big Red will roar down the street, her Flowmasters drumming the beat of her heart!

Summer is here!! Oh, glory days!!