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Chevelle is fixed and running again. He has driven it 3 times since fixing it a month ago. Me? I haven't driven it this year. The Lemans got a new back window. I love the price we got it for...$0! Might even have the seats that belong in it too. But the seats, dash, and the patch panels for it he will have to trade his Pontiac 400 transmission for. Can't use it in my car. A friend of a friend came out here and offered me $300 for my Lemans. He wants to use it as a race car. I wanted to laugh myself silly.

Got my property tax bill. I almost fainted. They went up almost $1200 for the year. Not sure what will happen with my other property that I use as a rental. If they went up that much, I will be selling it. I make about $5 a month off of it now. I think if I sell it I can pay off the mortgage and still have enough to build a pole barn out here.

Since I last posted anything, I have painted the front porch floor, the shutters, and the front door. I guess the best way to describe the house before was of the mill. Light yellow siding, faded green shutters, white door, and faded red porch floor. Well no more. It looks more like a cottage at a lake now. I painted everything country blue. The door is one that looks like it has panels. So the indents for the panels are painted white, the rest of the door country blue. I think it looks really good. My neighbors across the street hate it and say I should of painted it the colors they were. No thanks. I have worked my fanny off with the landscaping and this is the look I was going for. I thought I had found new flooring for my kitchen until I figured up how much it would be...$1300! My kitchen is only 13 X 16! So the search continues....

Until next time....Have a great day!