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Coming home from work today minding my own business I turn on the 80s station in my dually, at this point I just hit the 50mph speed zone. Billy Idols "ROCK THE CRADLE OF LOVE"
is next the DJ states over the radio, I say to my self "self I LOVE that song" I havent heard that song in ages! Song comes on I crank the knob as high as it can go and start jamming!! I was totally into it! Rocking my head singing along just enjoying evry bit of it! I was having a friggen BLAST!! took me back to a younger time!

Well when I was "enjoying memories of the past" I didnt realize I was blasting thru the 50mph zone doing 87mph! I didnt even realize the cop that was behind me was playing catch up!!

As I was just hammering thru this straight away I see 2 cops coming towards me from the other direction lights on sirens blaring, I start slowing down (at this point I realize how fast I was going) As I pass these 2 cops I look into my rear view mirror to see where ther going I see the cop that was behind me, the other 2 stop and turn around. CRAP! there coming after me. So I slow down and pull over.

My brother is one of the cops I can see him talking to the other 2 shaking his head and laughing. The original cop that was chasing me comes over to the window ask for my paper work I give it to him and he ask me what kinda excuse i have for going 30+ mph over the speed limit?

I look him straight in the face and tell Him "Billy made me do it!" He looks into my truck see no one there and asks me if I had been drinking!!:lmao: (If ya know me you would know that I NEVER drink alcohol, its been years since i did)

He asks me to exit my vehicle, my brother and the other cop come over I "explain" that I got carried away because of the song and didnt realize that I was driving on another level.

I tell them that its no excuse and I was totally at fault for my actions I take full responsabilty for my actions.

My brother tell them thats how I am and to let me go with a warning,(my brother knows my wife would KILL me If I got a speeding ticket)
The one that was behind me was really reluctant but he gave in and didint give me the ticket.

As I thank them for letting me go I jump back into my dually start my truck and what comes on the radio? Bon Jovi's "WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE"

O oh here we go again!