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This might actually be old news, but it's new to me. It's about the Blastolene supercar: The "B702". The styling just blows me away! I'm daydream about driving this thing onto the show field at Pebble Beach!
Does anyone have any more info to add about it?

Randy Grubb and Michael Leeds' Blastolene Company of Grants Pass, Oregon is working on another car. Its a neo-classic boat-tail roadster, they're calling it the B702. It has a 702-cubic inch V12 engine with an Allison 4 speed transmission. The Blastolene guys were featured on the July 17th, 2006 episode of PBS's Oregon Artbeat, where their Blastolene Special was featured.

Blastolene unveiled this new car sometime late this summer, I think. It has a 155-inch wheelbase, but it doesn't look like it, at least in photos. Maybe the design of the car makes it appear shorter. Love the way the taillights are designed into the rear fenders.