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Hey there!

With my truck almost ready to burn some rubber, I've just been sorting out the last of the shiny bits.
I was having a slight dilemma tying to sort out some kind of seal or plug for the tubular ends of the buck. After spending $140 having 4 pieces of black nylon machined, I just happened to walk into a Harley dealers with a friend & I spotted a really nice plain chrome oil filler cap on a chopper. After enquiring, I got the guy to order me four of them - total $40!!
Anybody need nylon bungs?

Winter has well and truly set in here - but then I am an English wuss, so that might explain my natural aversion to the cold!
The show season finished here back in September, with just the odd event spattered through the winter months until March next year.
A local club called 'The East Coast Pirates' are having a meet at the Joyland Diner in Great Yarmouth tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon, so I'll pop along for that one & there's a Christmas Cruise on the 29th December, but I've no confirmation of details on that as yet.
My next major event is my birthday this coming Wednesday - I'm hoping to get some bits for the truck, but a CD would be just as good.

That's all for now - will post up again when I've something to say!