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It's been a great year to work on the Mrs.Monte Carlo SS!
We got a lot done to it this year and more plans on the way.
We just wanted to Git'r Dun as much as we could before Winter moved in.

I ordered and installed the last piece to the puzzle in the handling department with a rear BMR Strut Tower brace and brackets last weekend and finally got a pic.This with the front Strut tower bar and front & rear SLP Swaybars and BMR Lateral arms with the KYB AGX adjustible gas Struts and Eibach lowering springs will finish off the suspension and handling modifications for it as it handles like it is on rails with NO body lean during my recent sp1rited driving adventure.
I think the wifes nerves from our moutain ride have finally come down to near normal. She found out the passenger side brake pedal needs to be fixed as it doesn't work at all! hehehe :D

So what's next will be determained next year.
I already know she want a new Stereo system and she might buy that herself.The trunk does look a little empty.
Some bigger wheels and tires are being considered as well.

When the car gets older I will consider bigger engine mods like getting it bored out and Ported heads,A bigger Cam so I can install a Turbo or Supercharger But these are in the far future unfortunatley.Probably when I take over the car for myself.

But the Company I work for is moving out to Madison Wisconsin after it was purchased last year and any new mods will have to wait till I find another form of work in N.H.

But the wife loves the car and isn't planning on a new one till the New Camaro is finally on the Showroom floor,Then I will take the Monte Carlo. Unless I buy the Camaro ;)

Just a couple Car Crazy folks!
Kim & Jim