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Last Saturday I bought a 1972 Camaro. I've been looking for a 70-73 Camaro for a few years now, but they've always been out of my price range. Usually they go for $5-$6K and are in pretty bad shape. Luckily I found one locally for $3,500. The thing was a steal.
The car has new rear quarters, front disc, 4 point roll cage, sub-frame connectors, 10 bolt rear, 400 sbc, TH350 and a 70 1/2 RS split bumper front end. I was told the engine was shot, but I was in the middle of building a supercharged 350 for my Trans Am. Now that motor will go in this car. You can follow the engine build here.
The only other bad thing is there is damage to the header panel above the driver head light. I can easily buy a panel and have it painted and then that's fixed. Hopefully the car will be on the road in about a month. Then I'll be selling my 1984 Trans Am. I added the Camaro to my garage so you can see more pics there.