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the maro is doing great finally got it on the road on the 20th somin of august, $3500 later.. had to bring it to the shop to get done with my busy schedual :( so the mechanic kinda screwed up of course annd i got downgraded from my old centerforce DF clutch to a stocker POS that sucks, slips and chatters..but screw it i wanted my car before summer ended so i went along with it, il just try to burn this junky one out before next summer :)
now for my next project...
the suspension- heres the list>
custom valved bilstein shocks and matched springs, 1"drop- $680
Strano 35mm/22mm hollow sway bars-$380
UMI adj panhard & poly/rod lower control arms- $265
UMI relocated torque arm- $350
UMI 3pt sub frame connectors- $280
UMI LCA relocation brackets- $60
thats $2016 in parts at cost, time to go bargain hunting and start chipping away at the list, im gonna try to keep the labor at $0 so its alll me :)
once i get this tired suspenion taken care of im aiming for a lloyd elliot head and cam package, the LE2 which should put me around 420rwhp =)
that is if i dont sell it.... ****in love the car to death buut its not the most practical and to tell the truth i hurt everytime i drive it :( hip is ****ed up so idk...
but thats whats new with it!