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can't have anthing nice with out some ass cutting me off or cutting out in front of me.

i barely missed getting t-boned today, keep in mind its raining i'am driveing along near a sub-divison, traffic is a lil heavy and it's bout 3:30 all of a sudden a big chevy suv desides to pull out in front of me. i swerve to the left back to the right to the left again across the oppasite 2 lanes of traffic almost in to a ditch and then back to the lane i was in. and yes i was doing the speed limit it happen so fast i just reacted.

**** this pisses me off every time i try to get a nice car i always get atleast one knuckle head that trys to cut in front of me.

i'am lucky i didn't hit any one or anything. yes i have insureance but i still hate haveing to deal with them weather it's my fault or not.

might have to have a few beers to calm my ass down. the harder i try to keep something nice the more it seems i have a target on my cars.

sorry done ranting.