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Everyone knows that the roadways can be very dangerous. This is true whether you are driving safely yourself or not. There’s no way to prepare for the actions of the other drivers on the road. Car and truck accidents occur virtually every day. Some of these are minor incidents where no injuries are sustained. There are many instances, however, where serious injuries are suffered by victims who did nothing wrong. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration attributes car accidents as the cause of the majority of personal injury claims in America. Driver negligence may play a role in many of these accidents.

Personal injury cases involve individuals who have been hurt or worse because of someone else’s actions or carelessness. Proper representation in these cases comes from lawyers who understand the complexities of these cases. Despite the cause of an accident, victims eligible for compensation need an attorney in their pursuit of justice. There are many things to consider as you search for the right attorney or law firm.

The details of these cases will vary depending on the type of accident and the injuries sustained. Initial consultations with an accident lawyer are the first step to beginning your case. Clients share their experience at no cost to them with a qualified accident lawyer. Lawyers can provide instruction and advice about how best to pursue damages for these cases. Those with personal injury assistance from an experienced firm have the best chances of receiving the settlement they deserve.

Case Evaluations

Not all personal injury law firms offer their clients the same services. Case evaluations are essential to starting work the right way. These evaluations provide clients with the information that they need about legal rights. They are also tools that lawyers use in the case preparation process. Gaining access to a free evaluation is important. Evaluations for personal injury cases offer essential information to the case. Here is some of the information gained there:

Accident details
Legal rights
Compensation status
Accident lawsuit advice

The statues involving car accidents vary from state to state. You can use the internet to learn about the guidelines for filing a lawsuit in your state. It is much easier to talk face-to-face with an attorney to find out this information. During this time you can decide if you want to pursue a case. Case evaluations can assist clients in making this decision. These evaluations are encouraged by sources like DMV.ORG which is an online tool for vehicular accident victims. This is because the more information gathered at the beginning of the process clients are able to make the right choice about a lawsuit.

Car Accident Injuries

According to Lawyers and Settlements, car accidents injure millions and kill thousands each year. There are a lot of different details related to a car accident. This type of case can involve 2 or more cars. There are other car accidents that involve cars and pedestrians. No matter what the dynamic is, it is important to find an experienced lawyer to represent you. The injuries suffered in these cases will vary as well. Drivers at fault often sustain injuries, as well as, causing them. In most car accident cases, insurance is a matter to consider.

In favorable cases, both drivers are insured. Underinsured motorists present new challenges to these cases. A personal injury lawyer can offer expertise when it comes to car accidents. This is because these accidents can lead to life-changing injuries. Here are some of the common injuries suffered from car accidents:

Head injuries
Brain injuries
Neck injuries
Back injuries
Loss of limb

Depending on the severity of the injuries, settlements will differ. Damages awarded to victims will be impacted by the cause of the accident. The National Transportation Safety Board has determined that fatigue and distraction are common causes. These accidents include sleepy drivers and cell phone activity.

Truck Accident Injuries

Truck accidents vary just as car accidents do. These can involve personal truck vehicles or commercial trucks. Some of these accidents are between trucks and cars. Accidents with large commercial trucks can impact multiple vehicles at the same time. In 2008, more than 4,000 died in these accidents according to the NTSB. Driver fatigue constitutes 20-40% of truck accidents. Cases of this sort often involve several victims, each with their own set of injuries. Each victim will likely have their own lawyer to represent them. Delivery trucks are sometimes the vehicles behind these accidents.

Those involved in these accidents should ensure that they are properly protected. Hiring a local personal injury lawyer is the best way to do this. Accidents, for instance, with delivery or commercial trucks may require lawsuits against both the driver and the company that owns the vehicle. Experienced lawyers can easily perform tasks related to filing these lawsuits.


Many victims will be looking for qualified personal injury lawyers with compensation experience. These are lawyers who know what a client is eligible for and works tirelessly to get damages. Lawsuits of this sort should generally be filed within 30 to 180 days of the date of the accident. Compensation awarded from a lawsuit serves several purposes. Losses that victims experience due to the accident must be compensated wherever possible. Lawyers focus on assisting their clients in this way.

Compensation settlements are also tools that help victims to get back to their lives. They are able to pay for medical costs and expenses. Some clients will need their settlements to replace vehicles or belongings. Lawyers experienced in dealing with insurance companies and other entities are right for these cases.

Experiencing an accident whether by car or by truck can be traumatic. This is not simply because of the injuries that a victim may suffer. These accidents tend to result in a variety of losses. Victims lose time from work and in some case their jobs. Medical expenses accumulate during this time, especially for those without health insurance. Securing an accident lawyer for your case is the best way to protect yourself during this time. You deserve to have your civil and legal rights protected by the law.