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Most people who care at least a bit about their car and who do not leave it to others to wash and clean their cars like to think of themselves as experts in this field. Very few people will admit that they are not that savvy when it comes to car-cleaning or that they could use a bit of help. Well, after you have checked out some of the advice we have for you here, you will realize how much there is that can be done that you would never think of.

For example, would you ever think of using your hair conditioner for waxing your car and giving it that final finish? Believe it or not, but hair conditioners that contains lanolin are one of the best things for that final coat. First of all, they can make your car shinier than the sun and they also protect your car from the rain.

You can also use cola drinks to get rid of the gunk that you get on your windshield after the first rain after a while. Of course, you will still need to wash it away with water afterwards, but for that first attack, nothing works like the bubbles you get in cola. Also, remember to put a towel below the windshield to prevent cola getting on your hood.

Baking soda can also be your ally, this time for washing not your windshield but the rest of the car. You simply pour ¼ cup baking soda into a gallon jug; add another ¼ cup dishwashing liquid and the rest water. Shake it big-time and then store it. When you need something to wash your car later, pour one cup of this home-made solution in a 2-gallon container and you are on your way.

Ammonia can also be of huge help when cleaning your car, both when it comes to the windshield and windshield wipers as well. For the wipers, use a combination of ¼ cup ammonia to one quart cold water. Be gentle when doing this and remember to dry them with dry cloth. For the windshield you actually use the same ratio and this homemade product works better when you use it often, as soon as you see the windshield getting dirty.

People who have children sometimes find themselves in the situation when they need to remove a sticker of some kind from their car. Sometimes, you might want to remove the bumper sticker that you may have put there before. In any case, there is one thing that works like a charm and helps you remove any sticker without leaving those marks that often remain because of the adhesive. Peanut butter is the solution. Just spread it and leave it for some time. This works for other surfaces, not just your car.

When it comes to car interior cleaning, we would suggest using vinegar solutions to get rid of any unpleasant smells. You should start with the 1 to 20 ratio and then ramp it up if it is not working. You just need to find the right ration, trust us.