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I am very much into Pontiacs, they have always been my favorite car. Especially the 66 GTO! But my prized possession is my 1973 Firebird. I am the second owner, the guy before me toted golf clubs in it. We recently tore it apart to restore it and go figure found 3 bullets (unspent) in the car. So needless to say Im going to name it 3! Im from Youngstown, Ohio, noteably "mobtown USA". Just a city girl here, not into crime.

Feel free to contact me, share pics or even let me know events especially here in Ohio. My bf and I will def try to make some of the events with car and cameras. Hopefully you will find us at the TA Nationals in Norwalk this August, if you go to my myspace you will see the pics and Tipp City. The whole town is closed down just for the