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The second car show on Long Island this season was held Sunday, April 21st at Belmont Racetrack. My '76 Cosworth Vega enjoyed much attention and praise all day, as it did at the season opener April 7th at MacArthur Airport.
After an application of Zymol detailing spray to the paint and wheels, and a windows cleaning, the Cosworth was ready to be judged. At the end of the day the car had won 1st Place in its stock 70s class.

Several weeks ago, I had used Zymol Cleanse and Zymol Carbon Wax on the paint and Zymol Vinyl Cleaner, then Zymol Vinyl Conditioner to the interior with beautiful results. Unlike my 73 Vega GT, the Cosworth is displayed with its hood proudly open! In the cargo area, a gold-framed "Cosworth, One Vega For The Price of Two" ad was displayed along with a copy of the car's 2013 Motor Trend Classic article in a thin black binder and a 1986-vintage CVOA magazine proudly proclaiming on its cover Car and Driver's selection of the Cosworth as one of "10 Most Collectable Cars" (1976-1986).

The car has a show-winning history. According to previous owners, it was a Cosworth Vega Owners Association "1987 National Round Up" show winner at the event in Gettysburg, Pa. and had won its class in almost every CVOA show entered including the "1995 National Round-Up" in Detroit and the CVOA "2003 National Round-Up" in Austin Texas.

Photo: '76 Cosworth Vega and 1st place trophy, home after the show.