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I was on west hill road around midnight coming home from t's house when i swerved to miss a deer around a really sharp and steep corner. the tires let go on the wet road and i went straight into a telephone pole. bout 5 minutes later a cop showed up, just driving around, so i didnt have to call 911. i did call marc though and he came out and made me feel better.

the car is pretty much totalled. i didn't have collision on it, only theft, so i'm screwed. what i wanna do is find another probe and swap the parts, preferably one with a blown motor for cheap, pending the condition of my motor and tranny. nothing was leaking from it (besides like, **** from the a/c system and maybe a lil coolant from the rad)

both airbags deployed (saved my ass), windsheilds cracked, rad's crushes, whole front end is ****ed, theres a nice indent from the pole.

i'm suprisingly fine, just a cut and scrape on my face from the airbag, some swelling, but nothing major.

i guess i need an alignment again...oh and i should probably siphon the gas tank since i just filled it up yesterday...

so if anyone has or knows someone with another gt (94-97) for cheap lemme know...