Filed under: 1984 Chevrolet Camaro (Ghetto-Ride)

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The Camaro has a ton of systems installed into it over the years. Some very elaborate, with the rear seats removed and very complex.

But the current system, even though it's more basic is the best one I've done.

The first thing I did was modified the factory 1.5 din head unit space, to allow for a double din. This made a huge difference in the look of the dash overall. Looks much nicer, and actually more modern.

Next, built a custom fiberglass box for 2 IDQ 12s, these are being powered by an MMATS 1400.1 that are hidden.

Then after that came the custom built kickpods, each holding a 6.5 and tweeter.

Overall, the system sounds great. and really doesn't take up much room. Allowing me to again store the T-Tops in the back.