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My daily driver keeps amazing me. I have clocked over 185,000 miles on it since buying it new.

Last week I had to put it in the garage for an un-planned service. Last Friday, I got off work an hour early to do a few errands (stop by the post office and pick up a part at the Chevy Dealer). As I finished up at the post office and drove out of the parking lot my "check gauges" light came on. I looked and didn't notice anything odd with the gauges. In fact the light had been coming on intermittenly over the last few weeks but again, I never noticed anything, so thought it was either minor or a malfunctioning light.
As I drive another block, the oil pressure droped to '0' psi on the oil pressure gauge. I thought 'well at least we know what to look at' and was thinking this was timely I would drop it off at the service department while I visited the parts department.
As I got another block the engine started making grumbling noises. I started thinking this might be bad. The Chevy dealer was about another 10 or more blocks away. I pressed on and drove into the service bay. The whole time the excessive valvetrian noise getting louder.
I shared with the service manager what I just shared here. I told him I was thinking it might be the oil pump and would like to have them check it out. Because it was so late in the day they didn't get to my rig that day. Monday, they called and shared with me their diagnosis. They shared that they started the engine, and it read 35 psi on the oil pressure gauge without any noise. They let it run for 40 minutes after which it started making the grumbling noise. They read the oil pressure gauge noting it read 0 psi. Based on this they recommended that the eingine be replaced. Stating that it was obvious that the oil pump was malfunctioning and that it likely had caused internal engine damage. They were thinking that instead of trying to dig further and determine where and what damage had occured it would be more cost effective to replace the engine (especially since the egine had so many miles on it already) and quoted the work to be $4600.
I struglled with this - first it wasn't really a diagnosis it was an opinion based on assumptions. Second, this rig has been very, very dependable, I don't think I want to give it up but honestly the truck is probably not worth too much more in resale value than what the installed cost for the engine was going to be.

I thought about it over Monday evening and called them Tuesday to direct them to proceed with replacing the oil pump and while having the oil pan off check a couple of the main bearings to see if there was any damage or excessive wear. They quoted this work would be about $800 and did not recommend it.
I was right! They were not able to work on it until Friday (something about the Holiday and other work). Well, they called Saturday to share with me the main bearings looked good. The new pump had been installed, the oil pressure was constant and there was no nose. Sweet ! I'm pretty sure I will be getting another 100,000 miles out of this rig. Its a tank!