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Well..... last week was a bad week for two of our Trans AMs. Our white '79 (that has been in the trim shop since LAST NOVEMBER) was damaged by a high pressure air hose! The end flew off and right into the door of our car...denting and gouging the paint! No one even called us and told us about the incident. Mike was driving by a nearby paint shop and saw our car in the lot...Mike stopped to ask why our car was there and found out about the door that way!
Then while taking our '84 Trans AM to the detail shop, a tractor-trailer truck tire blew and there was no way of dodging the piece in the road. It broke our front spoiler and tore up the bra that was on the front end....
NOW...does anyone know where we can get a new ground effects front spoiler for our car???? Please private message us if you have any idea where to locate one.