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If you didn't watch the FOX broadcast of the Budweiser Shootout Saturday Night, you missed some exciting racing! If this is any indication what the Daytona 500 will be like next weekend, you are not going to want to miss it!!

What changed? Well, they narrowed up the Air Intake for the radiator and this has totally changed how the cars draft and how long they can draft. It has really changed how the race is run and in Saturday's evenings race, it resulted in s some very BIG multicar crashes.

They also took away the ability for Drivers to talk to each other. This puts the deal making back to the support teams.

Another big change this year is the cars are running EFI for the first time. Click Here to Read More!

Jeff Gordon was leading the Pack for the last several laps until 4 to go. It was on that lap that everyone made their move to try and take the lead. Kyle Busch inched his way ahead. On 2 to go, all h_ll broke loose resulting in a several car crash leaving Jeff Gordon upside down and unable to finish.

In my opinion, the crash was the result of Kyle Busch trying to block Jeff Gordon, but because Kyle's car was slower Jeff couldn't help but give a push! Jeff really got a ride first sliding on his side in a shower of sparks and then barrel rolling at least 5 times.

At the time of the crash, Tony Stewart had moved up to the front and was in the lead. Once the smoke cleared, we were down to a very few cars still running in this race. I think there were 4 Big Crashes that took out several cars each. I could count only 12 left at the end.

It was a Green, White, Checker finish if they can avoid another crash!

Stewart fell off the lead, but Kyle Busch managed to bush him back to the front. Coming off the last turn right before the Checker, Kyle Slingshot past Tony for a Win of less than a car length! It resulted in the closest finish in the History of the Budweiser Shootout.

Go to to watch some video clips of Saturday's race and make sure you tune in to see the Daytona 500 next Sunday!! With the changes Nascar has made, I predict it will be one of the most exciting in its history. You won't want to miss it!!