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About two months befor signing in to Motortopia. I Ran across a guy with a nice all black SRT-8 Charger (6.1 ltr Hemi, 425 horses and 0-60 in 5.2 seconds) at a friends place of employeement. He works graves so after arund about the cars he says he wanted to see the difference between the SRT-8 and the 5.7 or "little Hemi" as he called it. Well so did I.

So we found a nice 200 yard stretch on the private property there in Phoenix and decided to run a couple hundred yard dashes. THats a short drag first to the 100 yard marker wins.

So the first run I made 78 miles per hour in under 100 yards and had him by 3/4 of a car length. Similar on the second run after he asked how I worked the pedals and tech tronic trani.

Next we swapped, he drove mine and I drove his, This time my car with him driving beat his with me driving by 1/2 a car length.

Every time the Daytona was pulling away from the SRT-8. Just a few simple modifications and I'm putting away the 425 horse srt-8. Not to bad.

So he wanted