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Now i think we all can agree that there has been some very good movies with very good car chase seens in them such as the original "Gone in 60 Seconds", "Dirty Mary, Crazy Lary", "Bullet" and one of my personal favorites "Vanishing Point". But tonight I saw one of the next greatest car chase sequenses ever. It is a movie just relesed as apart of the Grindhouse series by Quenten Tarintino. Trust me this movie has it all, American Muscle, Hot chick's, High speen chases, and most of all Curt Russel. Its about a man named Stuntman Mike. He drives stunt cars in movies wich have high horse power, a roll cage and one raceing seat. He calles his car "Death Proof" because the one in the drivers seat can never die in the car. You could call him a little deranged because he goes out lookin for a little groupe of irresponsible, good lookin ladies, and then he follows them for a wile and then he attacks them. Now normally the bad guy attacks them witha a gun or bat or somthing then uses them for thier own pleasure, wqell not in this movie, he uses his car to obliderate the enemy. this movie has some of the finest american muscle in it including a 1969 dodge charger, 1970 dodge challenger, 1973 ford mustang and a 1972 Chevy. The only bad part of the movie is seeing them all be destroyed. take my advise, im tellin ya this movie is awsome!!