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I took her out Dec 31 and did some tuning pulls, video in my garage, and had a hard time keeping her planted in second gear.

Every time the tach hit 5K RPM's the tires gave up their fight to keep traction and let go.

I was running 15 PSI and trying to sort out my fuel maps up there, I am still a tad on the rich side but thats o.k. for now.

I am turning the boost back down to 10 PSI (backing out the plate on the waste gate, I had it cranked all the way in) I have a 10PSI spring in there pressed to get 15. Back when I had my T04E on her the T04 would loose boost up high, I tried to force a little more out of her with the wastegate setting.

I also bought a set of tires from Edge Racing my Yoko's were shot and probably a good piece of the traction problem. I bought a set of Falken Azenis RT-615's. I'll see how they hold up.