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i got the call saturday, and i am approved!!!!! now i just have to wait for my insurance check to clear, it will take a few days ( if they change their mind about what they settled with me for i think i might lose my mind and do something stupid). i'll get to draw the money out thursday, but i'm not going to go pick her up until friday, because we don't get off of work until 4:30 and it's a 2 1/2 hour drive to where she's at. but she is worth it :) the only problems she has is that she's got few minor places in her paint, and she needs a driver side tail light lens, but with the awesome deal i got i don't care about those minor faults. i got her for over $2000 under blue book value, i did my research :) and using the idea that ramair1 suggested, dragonbird's new theme song will be AC/DC's back in black :)