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There have been millions of sightings of the Paranormal in homes, museums, grave yards, the forest, public places, etc... And many people have shared their stories of Ghostly Encounters, whether it be with loved ones who have passed on, or just spirits that occasionally come and go... Sometimes people feel like they're beeing watched when no one else is around. And hear noises that are unexplainable when they're alone in a home or place. And some have even been disturbed while sleeping.
My personal experience with the Paranormal has happened to me more than once. As I was sleeping in my room, I started to hear humming from what sounded like a little child. At first I thought it was my little brother since I share a room with him, however he was sound asleep. So I just layed back down, and as I was falling into a deep sleep I heard the humming again and felt a presence walking in the hallway that leads to my room. And I felt whoever it was that had been there, had put their hand on my shoulder and had started to rub my arm up and down, and as this was happening I couldnt move for some reason. I was literally paraliazed. I signaled my body to move but someone or something was holding me down and I started to have trouble breathing. And this entity just kept humming this distinct tune while rubbing thier hand up and down my arm, and their hand felt as cold as Ice, and was that of a little childs hand. Then all of a sudden, I finally managed to move shortly after I felt that entity start pulling my pillow over my head as if to suffocate me. And I fought and fought it and tried to curse it out in the name of Jesus, but I couldnt speak. Then finally I fought so much that I finally broke free from whatever it was that was there and loudly said, "I rebuke you in the name of JESUS CHRIST!!" Then once those words came out of my mouth I saw a figure run faster than a Track Star out from my room into the hallway and disappeared into the darkness. And I felt my right arm and it felt as if i had that arm in an Ice-Chest. Then I casted it out once more and then after that, I saw a white figure scurry from one corner of the hallway to the other, then I suddenly felt a Heavenly Peace throughout my body and was at ease as if nothing had happened. Ever since then I havent had another experience like that again. Except for one time when I was Sound asleep and felt someone or something literally pulling my whole body off of my bed. I tried to fight it so much, but I was completely paralyzed and like before I tried to make words come out of my mouth to cast it out and nothing came out but mubbling... And so I Yelled in my head "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!! Jesus!! Jesus!!" Then whatever it was let me go and I was able to finally wake from my paralyzed body and my entire body was Ice cold!! Then I got up from my bed and said, " I do not fear you! For I have been given the authority over you by God! And you do not scare me, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ! I command you in the name of Jesus to leave!! For my home is God's sanctuary, and my body is God's temple!!" Then once I said that I felt peace in my heart and was instantly able to rest in peacefullness.
These things I have shared are 100% true and not made up, my experiences with the Paranormal have been since I was a child, but those two are the most recent ones I can remember perfectly.

->>So tell me guys/and girls, have you ever experienced Paranormal Activity? are you a believer in Ghosts/Spirits?
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