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Helix Minisports and PhillyMINI held a member dyno day in September of 2005, with 3 runs on their in-house Mustang Dyno (uncorrected wheel HP) for a reduced rate. I hadn't had the new car long, but with my intended modification schedule I thought it would be good to get a baselne figure. I had done some things to the car, but not much (JCW intake, one-ball exhaust, and lightweight crank pulley). Here are the results:

BEST RUN: 156HP @ 6750RPM

That's a gain of 6HP at the wheels over stock S numbers made on the same dyno.

Now that I've upgraded the EMS with the latest JCW flash, and added a 17% supercharger reduction pulley, I need to go back to dyno to see how much it's improved.