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Ok recently i rode in my friends 2002? bmw 325i awd. it's grey with black/wood interior, not sure on options but it has an sunroof.

anyhow i was really dissapointed in the bmw. everyone says how these german cars use the greatest material for there interior and etc.

well atleast with this interior it was very cheap, it was small, the door panels were plastic made to look like leather when my durango's are rubber/leather, the seats were a cheap vinyl, the ac SUCKED, there was no rear ac, and a few more things i cant think of.

all unlike my durango that has 3rd row a/c, fairly decent a/c, good quality leather, and again limited plastic.

what i liked about the bmw interior - it had very neat radio, instrumental, etc lights, was EXTREMELY quite, and i liked the sunroof.

about the rest, the car was pretty gutless, atleast from down low, i might just be used to the durangos torque pull though. also wanted to add the engine is very quite and same with the exhuast, this is good for a cruiser but i couldnt hear the exhuast PERIOD.

i dont think the car stands up to the bmw name, other then the quite/soft ride. to say the least i was very dissapointed. there nice but i dont think its worth to pay thousands more for the bmw name. IM STICKING TO AMERICAN!

Well this is just my opinion. Thanks for reading.