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Well, it's Labor Day, the "End of Summer", and I've FINALLY GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!! I just have to wait for my background check to clear and I'm in training. Thank goodness, I was starting to get worried. Anyhow, It's been a very nice season, lots of fun, new friends met, great cars seen and time with my Family.

I recently found a great kit at the local Kmart, in the "reduced" isle, believe it or not. and it has built into a really nice subject. Not bad for $10.00. There was one more left, so I went back, picked it up for $6.00! (on clearence!), so I plan on making this one baby blue..a nice change don't you think?

So, it may be awhile between new projects, but, I have a 68 Dart GTS and 68 Charger in the wings waiting, and my book still has more to go. Hopefully, my Better Half will understand the madness! :-) Happy Summer Everyone!