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I got some more work done yesterday on the Camaro.
The ad for this car said that the engine had a bad rod knock, but I don't think this engine was ever running. Part of the block is broke off where the one starter bolt goes and they just put a huge grade 8 bolt in there. Because of that the starter doesn't sit straight and if you try to start the car the starter just gets jammed.
About 1/3 of the bolts we had to remove were wrong sizes and 80% of all the bolts were only hand tight. There were some broken/missing electrical and vacuum connections. Also, both motor mounts were toast. Good thing I was already building an engine because it will definitely take some work to get the one that's in there running again (if that's even possible).
Yesterday I took the original power steering pump apart, sandblasted it and repainted it. Now i just have to wait for my new bracket to get here from Summit Racing. I also pulled the engine and tranny. Now i just have to clean and repaint the engine bay and then start installing stuff. WooHoo!!