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Joe at Corvettes and Classics is still the man in my book, along with my man Mike,and also, John,Steve, and Jason! these dudes go all out for their customers.Believe me when I tell you that anyone who goes there to get work done will be more than happy with these guy's.

Joe and Mike got the exhaust finished, and it looks and sounds like the Vette is just about ready for business. I picked out the duel tips (as usual) for the look i wanted and they made it happen. Mike is an awesome welder among other talents in the automotive field, (you go Mike!) and when the mufflers came in Mike welded the tip's to them and I got exactly what I wanted!

Now the only thing's left to do are, 1. fix the cruise control 2.Fix a gas leak that mike spotted. Joe said it's common in that spot that it happened in so they're on it! (told you they're good!!!) 3. Get the wheels aligned. Then the rest is up to me!

Thank's again guys for everything you've done to bring the 'vette back to existance!!! I'm a customer and a friend for life!