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Lord oh lord.

I just did a quick calculation of how much it cost me for all the upgrades I have done to the Ruby POS. My guesstimation was actually about spot on, but it's still kind of depressing to say the least.

Everybody has their hobbies and I enjoy cars and working on them even if it is a '96 **** bucket.

Anyway I have an extensive amount of crap. Some performance and some cosmetic things. Here's a list, some things were group together just to shorten it up. This doesn't include some of the "maintenance" type stuff like new clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, **** like that.

Maxima - $3K
-Technosquare ECU - $400
-K&N Panel Filter - $40
-Budget Y-Pipe - $200
-GReddy SP2 Catback - $425
-Smoked Cefiro Headlamps - $150
-E55 Bixenon retrofit - $300
-Smoked Corners - $20
-'97 Front End - Included
-Stillen Lip - Included
-Sarona Grille - Included
- JIC Coilovers - Included
-OTTO Racing FSTB - $40
-Progress RSB - $150
-Optima Red Top - $100
-Amsoil GL-4 Gear Lube - $40
-Raxles axles - $320
-Urethane Shifter Bushing - $40
-Brakes (13" Cobra rotors, Q45 Pistons, brembo replacement rotors rear, Hawk HPS pads, SS Lines, fluid) - $600
-17x7 Motegi DP6 Gunmetal - Included (sold $200)
-235/45/17 Falken Azenis ST115 - $500
-H&R 20MM Spacers - $200 (sold $80)
-Redline Black/Red Stitched - $100
-Sound System (HU, Amp, Sub, Speakers, Wiring, IPod Adapter) - $300
-VooDoo Shift Knob - $30
-4DRSpeed Custom Floor Mats - $100
-Paradox Sytem Type X Spoiler - $120
-Z32 Fuel Filter - $15
-Z33 Dead Pedal - $22
-Anniversary Pedals - $37
-06 350Z Wheels & Tires - $500 (on G Coupe now, have G Coupe wheels on the Maxima which will need new tires, so figure another $500 in there)

-Total for upgrades- $4969
-Total w/car included - $7969

Ouch!! Looking at it in this perspective I really wonder if I want to continue doing upgrades once it is running again. For now it will be put back together, hopefully run like a champ, be driven, while I pay off some of my debts. Then I will think about what is next on the list. A lower mileage motor or another car completely. We will see.