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I recently went home for a visit and got a ride in my dad's coupe that hopefully I'll remember unlike before. He has had the car for 40 something years and I just don't remember ever riding in it. Hmmm maybe it was too traumatic!! LOL

I carried my electric buffer/waxer with me and showed my dad how to do it using one and then it was off to the local business for some pics. Anyone see that Miller commercial with the 2 old cars in front of the small town tavern and they are talking about a peaceful day in town or something and nothing like a cold beer? Well this is the place, although the peaceful event in the ad was far from the truth! It was the front fender of my dad's '58 ford retractable in the picture also.

My uncle and his gf was up visiting from CA and it gave me an excuse to go down there and we all had a blast!!