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Well, had a few issues with the car when I first got it. The old guy who owned it took GREAT! care of it and it is all highway miles as he lived 20 miles 1 way from work off HWY 35. There were a few non-wear things that went bad though. I bought it from a dealership and THEN called him so he had no reason to BS. Everything was stock he said. The water pump, fuel pump, IAC, TPS, and wheel bearings all decided to crap out on me from 72-75K miles. These are common and minor issues that "just happen" and she has been running like a swiss watch sense then. Now, at 79,900 miles I daily drive my 5.0 and she sits under an SLP car-cover and recieves a once a week drive on the weekends. All-in-all I couldnt have asked for a cleaner WS6. I went to a local LS1 ralley and about 40 F-bodies showed up. I couldn't find one as meticulously maintained and blemish free as my WS6 except for 1 convertible Z28 (owned by an older guy) and a CETA 02' car. Car has no issues and runs great, cheapest, most docile 300rwhp production car out there in it's price range!