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Ok i finally got her running the other night. After all my hard work and hours put into her it was one simple thing. All i had to do that i didnt was manually turn the crank. I got her at top dead center and my harmonic balancer was off so i had to take a 5/8's socket and turn it til the timing gash was lined up with the tab. I also replaced my old spark plugs with new autolite .035 gapped spark plugs and new wires.

On the down side ive got to take my oil pan off and religgn it and replace the fron main seal because ive got an oil leak the size of niagra falls. On the bright side however i can do that oil change ive been thinking about.

I want to thank all who helped me off of here but especially FriedGreenTmater who walked me through many steps and did alot of troubleshooting for me.