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Well I never took the time to let a few of my friends know that our new Chevy Camaro RS/SS came in.
So here ya go Guys and Gals and other Camaro fans!
Man I have just been to busy and having to much fun with the New RS/SS going on day trips up in the twisty hilly mountain roads!
To much fun!

Been a long time since I had a Camaro of any type!
All the way back to 1977 in a Yellow Z/28 which looked a lot like how Bumblebee started in the first Transformers Movie less the Rally Stripes.
Although I did have my 1984 15th Anniversary Pontiac Trans Am and another 1984 Trans Am after that.

Man I can't tell you and express how cool this car really is!
It is really very close to the Concept car and has more power than I will ever need or use! But I am having fun trying! :D

This is the Automatic version with the Sport Mode Transmission and Paddle shifters. Heck It's just missing a clutch pedal!
405 HP is nothing to sneeze at and more power than has come in a New Camaro Stock in a long time when they came with big blocks! The Standard Transmission Camaro with the LS3 has the 425 HP. But a LS9 will pop right in if ya got the money! wink wink!

The low roof gives it a chopped look and took about a day to get use to it.
Really makes the car look wider than it really is.
And the Concept cars roof was about an inch and a half shorter!!! Wow! That would have been tight!

If your like me and tend to hold your arm out the window on a nice Summer day. Your arm is over the roof lol ! So if you keep one hand holding the rooftop you'll have to lean it forward to do the same thing lol! No biggie!
The door line is also higher than most so it might feel a bit awkward at first. Just another little thing to adjust too! I already have.

Still very cool like a modern Califormia Hot Rod in American Graffitti.

People talked about blind spots in some forums I visit?
Hmmm...Maybe for them but I had no trouble with them.
The wife either. She was wondering what are they talking about it's fine. Wow and coming from her then it must not be an issue!

Adjusting the mirrors to your liking and your all set to go!
The rear view mirror is a bit on the big side cause of all the OnStar gizzmos in it. But if you move it all the way up as far as it will go and tilt it down it's fine! No issues here!

But the wife and I do agree the OnStar controls should be somewhere else and not in the Mirror! The center dash pad would have been a better place.

Besides that this car ROCKS! It's a Vette in Camaro clothing!
You just want to drive it all day and watch the rubber necking and triple takes of people looking at your car as you go by.
You cannot go and stop anywhere around here as someone will come over and start asking about it and wanting to check it out!

One surprising moment we had was when we were stopping for gas and a fancy sports car that was following behind us pulled into the Mobile Station and as I got out I had seen it was a beautiful black Maserati Quattroporte S! Well he never stopped to get gas he just drove by very slowly staring at our Black RS/SS while we were staring back at his car! Wow!
He just kept staring with his mouth opened and gave us a nod and thumbs up and drove out still staring as he went the other way!
WOW Now that's a compliment!
It was odd but Kim & I both looked at each other and thought we had seen the driver of it somewhere on TV Just couldn't place him.
Anyway we do have some plans for it but it is still early and the aftermarket have just started getting items for this car.

Unfortunatly most we cannot do cause it will void the factory warrenty.
Unless it comes from GM Performance Parts and have them installed by your dealer then it's ok.

Once thats over I am sure it will be flooded with aftermarket parts!
Lots of cool stuff out now like Immitation Carbon Fiber Ground Effects, Performance Exhausts and Intakes, Superchargers but cost a kings ransom cause they are the first out there.
But they'll come down as more manufacturers get there products available. Heck even GM can't get there accesories out the door fast enough!

I know I want a front chin spoiler and a different rear Diffuser (valance) under the rear bumper.

We'd like to add a Corvette style Center exhaust with a diffuser like on the ZR1 Vette as well.
I don't know if it will ever happen but if someone made a ZR1 Cowl hood with the clear acrylic center that would be the cats ass!
But for now we are just going to enjoy it the way it is, No Ground effects, No Vinal stripes. Just a bad in Black Camaro RS/SS!
GM Chevrolet Did it right! Thanks Guys! The fun and "THE HUGGER" is back and better than ever!