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Ok, my painter, Alan, finally got the vehicles that was ahead of Dragonbird finished. So now he can focus all of his attention on her :D He started sanding on her today. So far no big issues, nothing we didn't already know about, so that's a good sign. The preping part will be easy, it's the paint that's gonna be a pain. Black is one of the hardest colors to get right, but I know Alan will do a great job :) There's one issue I'm kinda nervous about though. He got ahold of the guy who is suppose to do the airbrushing, he was suppose to come by and look at the car this past Tuesday but he never showed. Sometimes it can be difficult to get him, but DANG! he does great work. I JUST GOTTA HAVE MY BIRD ON THE HOOD!!!!!! And i don't want a sticker, it MUST be airbrushed. I'm getting really excited cause now the ball is rolling :D