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??Five kinds of practical skills of ibuonline teach you new car
??First strokes: know yourself as well as the enemy
??discount automotive electronics wholesalers?Owners doubt, choose a repair factory repair your car? The owner Mr. Liu car just after the warranty period, there have been some beat all the little problems, which made him very upset, what should be where to repair? Shop cheap, big expensive. In order to save money, want to go to the store, but also worried that "no good cheap goods", to the shops, is not willing to spend more money.
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??The car must choose a reliable repair factory, the reliable quality main index (including technical level, service quality, price, size (reliability), after sale service, quality guarantee period), claim.
??Second strokes: yuanjiaojingong
??Owners doubt, reservations repair good? The owner Mr. Wang said, his work is very busy, want to make an appointment to repair, do not know can not, and will not appear what problem?
??In and repair factory repair job appointment, will be the fault of automobile described as detailed as possible, clear, technical personnel to repair factory guidance. With the repair factory business personnel exchanges, we can not only find repair factory staff's quality, but also understand the technical level of repair technicians of the factory: a good repair technicians in questioning the fault condition, should not to mind taking the trouble, very detailed, because only in this way can be beneficial to the cause of the fault judgment. Conversely, do things carelessly, hurry the end of the exchange, the fault processing accuracy is questionable.
??Third strokes: Well
??Owners doubt, no car repair to swell? The owner Ms. Wu in experience and repair factory dealing with pain, said: "a repair shop on a headache, how should I do?"
??In the repair, must first adjust their mentality, usually in the car is out of order, more or less will affect your mood, with unhealthy emotions will affect your judgment, the car is even more so. In addition, repair, must understand the basic vehicle technical condition to open their own, such as what brand, what brand of fuel oil, what brand of antifreeze and his driver and vehicle characteristics.
??Fourth strokes: be prepared against want
??Owners doubt, that day can not take the car I do? The car customers * * said she recently took the car repair, but repair factory said failure to solve that day, the vehicle needs to be leaving factory, this let Gu * * to be always on tenterhooks, car is his own "lifeline", put in the garage, he could not see, the heart it is not practical.
??The owner with the best repair factory together will vehicles into the plant mileage, fuel gauge pointer approximate position, vehicle appearance, spare wheel and tools to confirm, record. Will the car valuables away, in order to avoid disputes.
??Fifth strokes: very alert
??Owners doubt, new car must go to the designated repair station? The owner Mr. Hong said, after he bought a car, dealers are required in his own repair station maintenance and repair, but Mr. Hong has other plans, one is the repair station is far from his home, not very convenient, two is the feeling of 4S accessories shop and the hours are expensive, but they have a friend is to open the garage, I do not know can not be friends in maintenance and repair shop.
??After we bought a new car, manufacturers will introduce us to some of the 4S special repair station, the repair station because it is the brand of professional service station, so the hardware facilities is relatively good, accessories are from the original factory, which we choose one of the reasons 4S repair station. But the most important reason is the regulation of new car, user manual, if the owners in the warranty period is not in the manufacturers designated repair station maintenance, considered as a waiver of warranty claim rights. Therefore, if your car is not out of warranty, you must go to the manufacturers specify the 4S shop for routine maintenance, repair should be so, lest after problems become manufacturers exemption.
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