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First, I would like to think I'm just being practical but I'm afraid it means I'm getting old. I just purchased a new car that is a 4 cylinder and has four doors! Obviously I've had them before but never new. But the new chevy cruze Eco model with cafe hwy rating of 42 mpg was hard to pass up with my over 2,000 miles a month driving needs. Average mpg the 35 miles home was 39mpg not bad:)

BUT, my elation was short loved when I went to remove the stupid dealership advertisement and tacky licence plate holder off the front. After I finally poked, prodded and wrestled with the tamper resistant fasteners I was left with four less than perfectly round grotesque holes on a brand new white car! Expletive! Expletive! Seriously! My state thankfully does not require front plates! Luckily (for them) it wasn't a new corvette or camaro.
Found four small white screws that make it tolerable, but this is the kind of crap you do on used cars not one you actually witness being delivered the day before you sign papers.
Ok rant over.