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About two weeks ago, I noticed a vibration coming from the front suspension of my ’63 Corvair. A quick wiggle of the left front wheel indicated I had a loose balljoint. This gave me the impetus to swap in the ’64 front suspension (with swaybar), that I’d been prepping for the last year with new bushings (a-arm and control-arm now have polyurethane bushings, while the strut rods and sway bar have new rubber bushings), and new balljoints on the control-arms (the upper’s were still tight). The swap went well, with no broken bolts. After cleaning and repacking the front bearings and installing the carbon-metallic brake shoes I bought from a fellow Corvair racer, it was time for the alignment. I borrowed a very nice Snap-On Camber/Caster gage and set the caster to 4 degrees positive and the camber to 0 degrees. I wanted 1 degree negative, but didn’t have enough shims. Finally, using a straight board, carpenter’s square, and tape measure, I set the toe-in to 1/8 inch. With the differences between the original front end and the swapped-in one, the steering wheel was off, so the last step was pulling the steering wheel and realigning.