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Ok so the time finally came

I had everything connected, fluids filled, electricals connected and a fresh battery, it was time to start her up and see what trouble lie about....

First try........ nothin, click click, not even the starter turning....... WTF!! ok I'm an idiot, in my haste I forgot the car was in Reverse, Neutural lock out hahaha

Second try, turning over, turning over............ nothing
again, turning over, turing over, small back-fires is all....damn-it

-- we check spark, good spark at the coil, the plugs, getting fuel into the carb and at the plugs, frustrating......

Reading online at, appears to be a timing issue. We pull the cap after setting the balencer to TDC, Piston one is UP, but the rotor is pointing towards cyl 5 WTF!!

So apparently somewhere along the way, while cleaning and painting the block, the gear must have been moved dammit....

Now, I felt I had done a lot of work on older engines and knew some, not alot but some, apparently I have never "reset" the timing on an engine after rebuild and had no idea how to. All references and forum advice said the same thing ....:

" find TDC on the balancer, ensure that cly 1 piston is up, on combustion stroke and ..and the rotor can be set tp point at spark 1 after rotating to 10 degrees BTDC "

all fine and dandy, but no where is mentioned that BTDC, means from the perspective of the drivers seat and NOT from the grill, so being a computer nerd, I looked at the balance wheel, saw "0 TDC, then marks towards 10, 20, 30 ... " so to me BEFORE TDC would mean - 10 right???? NYET!! it means to set it to the 10 mark to the right DOH! After Kenny showed me the error of my ways and moved the distributor over to the correct setting, it started right up with a ROAR!!

It was straight off the headers, it was AWESOME!!

Kenny roughed in the timing by ear and showed me the proper springs to get for the throttle, plus some vac lines I needed to plug up. I'm having a small issue with the coolant, the overflow bottle I chose out of the two I have has some small leaks, they show up once temp comes up and the pressure builds, so I'll need to switch out the overflow bottles to see if that helps.

I still am getting some tranny leaks under, not sure if it's actually leaking or coming out of the overfloow line down under or the cross member which some fluid had spilled on/into previously. Will need to wait until I lift it up again to check it out. For now cardboard under the car will suffice.

I need to source an exhaust system, i want to go with 2.5 inch pipe into either DynoMax or something mufflers and out the back just behind the rear wheels I think.

I finally got a plate and title, which is cool, my license plate numbe?? YUP 64Galaxy Cool!!