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Gas hit four bucks locally for the first time today. I drive a Dodge Cummins pickup on a daily basis, so I've been spending four bucks+ per gallon since the first of May! I drove to Saint Louis, Missouri the middle of May to pick up a bunch of parts I'd bought from a guy up there, for my '80 T&C wagon; stuff like seats, wheels and tires, dash pad and a bunch of little parts. It was just shy of a thousand mile round trip that I did in ONE day! So, saving the money I would've spent for a room and a couple of meals, I just had to buy fuel, food, and pay the State of Oklahoma their stinkin' tolls for I-44 both ways! So, how much did this little soire' cost me? Not including the price of the parts, it ran me $240.00 in JUST fuel ($4.20 @ 17 mpg), plus $24.00 in tolls and $25.00 in chow. Nearly $300.00 to drive round trip to friggin' St. Louis!!! WTF, over?

Now, just four weeks later, Diesel fuel has gone up over seventy cents locally - still over sixty cents higher than regular unleaded! My brother is an OTR independent trucker - one of the few still on the road, hauling parts for two different manufacturers. He told me tonight that since January 1, 2008, over 56,000 trucks are no longer on the road because of fuel costs! That may not sound like a lot, but make no mistake, it IS! In fact, this week, the largest transporter of HAZMAT in the US has went tits-up, idling over 2,000 trucks!!! Imagine a company that you'd think would never lose work like that, closing its doors because of crazy fuel prices! My brother intends to drive as long as he can afford to and the company he is leased to, itself, stays open for business.

Boys and girls, things are not going to get better or cheaper soon. I'm old enough to remember the horrible administration of Jimmy Carter, probably the very worst President ever to serve! I remember 24% home-loan rates, 18% new-car loans, 21% inflation, the "misery index", malaise, and the worst post-Depression economy ever! Unfortunately, neither of our two "choices" for President appear to be any better than the truly despicable Carter.

Always keep in mind that the Government is NOT your friend! You must be able to provide for yourself. "The times, they are are a-changin', folks", and faster than you might realize.

Pray for our great Nation. It can't hurt!